Sports Chiropractic Specialist - Walnut Creek

Sports Chiropractic Specialist

Many elite athletes in Walnut Creek have used Chiropractic treatment offered by Skarda Chiropractic over the years. With the help of our sports chiropractic specialists, they have often attributed their excellent performance in sports as a reflection of their higher functioning nervous system. Highly trained and experienced Skarda Chiropractic' staff generates amazing results with patient health, far and beyond where others have only dreamed of going. Our sports injury treatment in Walnut Creek includes extensive chiropractic care through the use of safe and natural spinal adjustive techniques. We offer physiotherapy applications, soft tissue mobilization, stretching and exercise programs, diet and nutritional counseling, and extensive biomechanical training.

Neck Pain Treatment - Walnut Creek

Neck Pain Treatment

The incidence of neck pain has become so common among people today that most ignore the discomfort till it becomes unbearable and begins to impact mobility. Mostly resulting from poor posture and occupational hazards (sitting for hours), neck and back pains can be constant or recurring. Chiropractors are extensively trained in treating the root causes of neck pain such as spinal misalignment or subluxation to cure current pains and prevent them from recurring. Our skilled and experienced chiropractors in Walnut Creek use a combination of spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and other chiropractic techniques as part of your treatment plan for neck pain. We at Skarda Chiropractic believe in your comfort and healthy life. So, if you need to cure the neck pain in Walnut Creek, please call us or visit us immediately.

Arthritis Chiropractic Specialist - Walnut Creek

Arthritis Chiropractic Specialist

People with serious arthritis problem can agree that sometimes medication alone doesn’t relieve the pain of arthritis. We believe that chiropractic therapies can offer comfort and healing with rheumatoid arthritis in Walnut Creek. Our chiropractors from Skarda Chiropractic in Walnut Creek focus on healing people with rheumatoid arthritis with reliable and quality chiropractic services at competitive rates. Our chiropractic therapy has numerous benefits such as helping to improve the range of motion, increasing muscle tone and strength, improving flexibility, and endurance, providing diet and nutritional advice and supplements to address inflammation. You really deserve to go about your days feeling physically healthy and comfortable, and at Skarda Chiropractic in Walnut Creek, we do everything in our power to help you achieve that very goal. So, call us today to learn more about your arthritis treatment options or to set up an appointment.

Car Accident Chiropractic - Walnut Creek

Car Accident Chiropractic

During accidents, the neck is often jolted, resulting in the tearing of ligaments, muscles, and tissues. Although people may not begin to feel the pain for several days after the accident (and the settlement of insurance claims), it is necessary to be safe than sorry. As such, consulting with a chiropractor who can address these issues in a non-intrusive manner can go a long way in preventing long term, and sometimes permanent, injuries. Every auto accident impacts your life differently. Depending on the speed of the car at the time of the accident and the point of impact, the severity of your car injuries may vary. At our Walnut Creek-based clinic, we provide the opportunity to address the underlying cause of the discomfort and pain after your car accident injury. We use up-to-date healing strategies and diagnostic tools to determine the severity of your injuries and the source of your pain.

Back Pain Therapy - Walnut Creek

Back Pain Therapy

Your Walnut Creek chiropractic center, Skarda Chiropractic, has been providing chiropractic treatment and natural pain relief from back pain in Walnut Creek for last three decades. Our highly-experienced team at the Skarda Chiropractic provides a holistic approach to Back Pain treatment. Through highly-skilled and gentle chiropractic spinal manipulation or adjustment of the vertebrae, spinal alignment physical medicine techniques, and spinal decompression treatments, our patients can get back to work, back to living and away from the harmful painkillers. If you struggle with neck pain and backaches, talk with skilled chiropractors at Skarda Chiropractic in Walnut Creek to see if Chiropractic care is right for you.

Back Pain Therapy - Walnut Creek

Migraine Chiropractic

If you usually suffer from headaches on a daily basis, one a week, or even once a month, this is a sign that you could be suffering from spinal misalignments, nerve irritation, or muscle imbalance. Migraines and tension headaches are also linked to poor blood circulation and misalignment of the spine and nerves. Chiropractic care and professional massages treat the cause of headaches and help you eliminate headaches and migraines for good! Walnut Creek-based Complete Cranial LLC offers quality chiropractic treatments for a headache and migraines. When you come to for an evaluation, we can discuss the likely source of your headaches and give you a proper physical examination to check for additional problems. Our headache and migraine chiropractic specialist in Walnut Creek will work very hard to identify the root cause of your headaches and migraines with the goal of reaching a long-term healing solution for your discomfort.Our migraine specialists will always strive to offer you relief and comfort from your migraine issues.

Shoulder Pain Specialist - Walnut Creek

Shoulder Pain Specialist

With people increasingly holding jobs that require them to be seated, usually in a bad posture, for several hours at a stretch, occupational health issues such as Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or wrist pain, as well as a constant pain in the shoulder have become a common problem. All these issues are usually linked to a misalignment of the spine in the neck area which can be easily treated by non-intrusive chiropractic methods such as spinal adjustments of manipulations, massages, and stretching exercises. Many people know that the Chiropractors work with the body spine, but our shoulder specialists also work on all the joints in the body, including the shoulder. Here at Skarda Chiropractic in Walnut Creek, our patients understand that we treat their body as a whole, looking directly at the body's nervous system to correct the hidden causes of discomfort and pain, not just treating and covering up the specific pain symptoms.

Personal Injury Treatment - Walnut Creek

Personal Injury Treatment

If you have been injured in a car crash, fall, or another type of accident, proper chiropractic care is necessary for preventing long-term injury. Sometimes even seemingly minor injuries can have lasting effects, causing pain, discomfort, and limited function for many years after the initial event. At Skarda Chiropractic in Walnut Creek, we offer treatment for a broad range of back, neck, and bodily injuries. So if you are suffering following an injury, it’s time to make an appointment. The chiropractic team of skilled professionals at Skarda Chiropractic is committed to offering the highest level of care. As our patient, you can always expect to be treated with the deep compassion and respect you deserve. Pain from the personal injury can be debilitating if allowed to progress. Everyday movements and enjoyable activities may have to be curtailed if you go too long without proper treatment. If any of your close friends or family can benefit from this therapy, please recommend this therapy to them.